Thursday, December 2, 2010

Learning about WCF/Silverlight and WCF RIA Services via videos

Some folks prefer videos to text material. Others find them complementary. Either way, here are some videos about WCF and WCF RIA Services in Silverlight. I am sure there are more created by community – feel free to add links. Many, if not most of the videos are based on extensive preparation and so they are a bit more tailored for learning than a run of the mille blog post.

Short intro from Silverlight 4 launch

Scott Guthrie’s keynote. A short ten minute intro to RIA Services with client emphasis is from 28:00 onwards

Silverlight TV / Channel 9 episodes

Yavor walks through verification and troubleshooting steps for accessing a WCF service form Silverlight.

Tomek covers duplex communication in WCF – Silverlight using a chat application example.

Saurabh covers the steps to address the common support issue of RIA app deployment.

Deepesh covers top questions including POCO, client-side computed properties, access control and Windows auth

Dinesh covers POCO, code-gen rules, association and composition, using nhibernate etc

Deepesh covers the use of SOAP/JSON endpoints for other clients including Windows Phone 7 client. Also covers use of OData endpoint with Excel.

Kyle covers validation in depeth

Nikhil and Dinesh about RIA Services evolution, purpose, favorite features etc

John Papa talks to Jeff Handley about how community is involved in WCF RIA Services

Jeff, Dinesh, Deepesh talk about how RIA Services V1 was developed. What it is about etc.

How RIA Services component is developed, validation etc.
Full conference talks

Deepesh shares a comprehensive list of tips at TechEd 2010

Yavor’s in-depth look at WCF/Silverlight

Nikhil shows how to build a RIA Services app the right way without sweat at MIX 2010

Nikhil’s JAOO talk about RIA Services – Sept 2010

Two part coverage of WCF RIA Services at PDC 2009
Introductory talk by Brad Abrams – covers overview, drag drop experience and overall productivity

Dinesh provides an under-the-hood look at how RIA Services works and also covers key tips for building effective RIA applications

Training / external videos


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